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Why is My AC Unit Blowing Hot Air?

It is disconcerting when your air-conditioning unit starts blowing warm air. After all, you’re depending on the darn thing to keep you cool. If you’re looking for some ways to fix the problem yourself before calling a professional, you’re in luck – we’re here to give you some troubleshooting tips.


There’s a Block in Airflow

If there is something blocking the flow of air into your home through air vents, it could be causing the compressor in your outdoor unit to freeze up. This may be caused if:


  • your air filter has not been replaced in a long time
  • you haven’t had proper maintenance on your AC unit and the coils are dirty
  • the outside unit is not getting electricity


Check your circuit breaker or fuse panel to make sure the circuit is supplying electricity to the outside unit. Call a professional if this is the case to ensure there are no major issues.


The Thermostat is Set Incorrectly

This may seem silly, but it’s more common than you think. Take a look at these settings:


  • Is it set to “heat” or “cool”?
  • Is it set to “auto” or “on”? Setting the fan on “on” will cause the fan to continuous blow, even when your unit is not cooling.


Your Outside Unit is Clogged

Your AC unit is made of two main components – an outside unit and an inside unit. If your outside unit is clogged by dirt, debris, leaves, or other foreign objects, it will prevent your entire unit from properly cooling your home. You can try clearing the debris away yourself and trim any bushes, grass, or weeds that are too close to your unit and see if it helps.


More complicated causes for an air-conditioning unit blowing hot air include issues with the unit’s compressor, low refrigerant, or broken or disconnected ducts. We recommend that you call a professional if this is the case. If we can help, let us know!